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Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014 – Beer List - Ölhunden

Ölhunden – Öltips och ölrecensioner

Ölhunden är en sida som recenserar öl på ett enkelt och kortfattat sätt samt sammanställer andra ölrecensenters betyg för att få fram ett medelbetyg.



Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014 – Beer List

The list of beers that will be presented at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014.

7venth Sun Brewery [US]

  1. 18 Month Naked Oak Guardian. 10% Abbey Tripel
  2. Dancin’ In The Streets. 6% Berliner Weisse
  3. Time Bomb. 4,3% Session IPA
  4. Rum Barrel-Aged Glass House. 8% Amber Ale
  5. Under Pressure. 7% Saison
  6. Chelsea Grin. 12,8% Imperial/Strong Porter
  7. Red d’Or. 8% Fruit Beer
  8. Or It Gets the Gose Again. 3,5% Gose

Alpha State [UK]

  1. Sorachi Ace Dunkelweiss (Neapolitan?).
  2. IPA (Citra).
  3. Larsen’s Ruin. 10% Sweet Stout.
  4. Orange Zest Farmhouse IPA. 6,7%
  5. Sol over Gudhjem.
  6. Queen Of Sweden.
  7. Citronvand. 3,7% APA. Clean session pale ale hopped with Citra.

Amager Bryghus [Denmark]

  1. Barrel Proof. 9.5% Bourbon BA Barley Wine. Session 1
  2. Greed Gone Red. 5% Red wine BA Southern German Kellerpils. Session 1
  3. Black Dakini. 8.9% Imperial Black IPA. Session 2
  4. Mama Cocha. 12.5% Port wine BA Quadrupel. Session 2
  5. Bunddeutscher IPA. 6.3% German IPA. Hüll Melon and herkules hops. Session 3
  6. The Days Of Barley And Roses Niepoort Edition. 10% Port wine BA Barley Wine. Session 3
  7. King of Kentucky. 11% Bourbon BA Imperial Stout. Session 4
  8. Shadow Pictures. 8% Double IPA. Collab. with Grassroots Brewing (Hill Farmstead brand). Session
  9. + “Some bonus beers”.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. [US]

  1. American Presidential Stout. 11% Imperial Stout with smoked jalepenos and cacoa nibs.
  2. Barely Wine Barley Wine (Pappy Van Winkle Barrel). 10% B.A. Barley Wine.
  3. Chiricahua Common. 5,2% Traditional Ale aged with AZ wild Brett.
  4. Wet Beaver Wit. 4,6% Witbier brewed with organic beets and dryhoped with Amarillo.

B. Nektar Meadery [US]

  1. Zombie Killer. 6% Mead. Made with Michigan tart cherry juice, apple cider and star thistle honey. Session 1
  2. Necromangocon. 6% Mead. Mango juice, honey, and black pepper. Session 1
  3. Black Fang. 6% Mead. A sparkling session mead made with honey, blackberry, clove and orange zest. Session 2
  4. Kill all the Golfers. 6% Mead. “Dry hopped” black tea with honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Session 2
  5. Dwarf Invasion. 6% Mead. Tart Balaton cherries, honey, and Styrian Golding hops. Session 3
  6. Zombie Killer. 6% Mead. Made with Michigan tart cherry juice, apple cider and star thistle honey. Session 3
  7. Zombie Killer. 6% Mead. Made with Michigan tart cherry juice, apple cider and star thistle honey. Session 4
  8. Kill all the Golfers. 6% Mead. “Dry hopped” black tea with honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Session 4

Baird Brewing [Japan]

  1. Rising Sun Pale Ale. 5% American Pale Ale. Session 1 & 4
  2. Angry Boy Brown Ale. 7% Brown Ale. Session 1
  3. Midnight Oil Export Stout. 7% Foreign Stout. Session 2
  4. Suruga Bay Imperial IPA. 8% Imperial/Double IPA. Session 2
  5. Bureiko Jikan Golden Ale. 8,5% Belgian Strong Ale. Session 3
  6. Second Strike Apple Ale. 6,7% Fruit Beer. Session 3
  7. Wabi-Sabi Japan Pale Ale. 7% Pale Ale. Session 4
  8. Morning Coffee Stout. 7% Sweet Stout. Session 4

Beavertown Brewery [UK]

  1. Gamma Ray. 5,4% American Pale Ale. Malt: Pale, Caragold, Caramalt, Wheat. Hops: Magnum, Bravo, Columbus.
  2. Applelation / Barley Champagne. 8,7% Bramley Apple Saison
  3. Quelle Saison. 4,1% Saison. Dry hopped.
  4. Heavy Water. 9% Imperial Stout.
  5. Black Yeti. 5,6% Stout.
  6. Uncle Joe’s Russian Kvass. 3,9% Kvass.
  7. Bloody ‘Ell. 7,4% IPA.
  8. Smog Almighty. 10% Imperial/Strong Porter.

Boneyard Beer [US]

  1. Hop Venom. 9% DIPA. Session 1
  2. RPM IPA. 6,6% IPA. Session 1 & 4
  3. Suge Knite. 14% Imperial Stout. Session 2
  4. Notorious IPA3. 12% DIPA. Session 2 & 4
  5. Armored Fist. 10% Double Black IPA. Three Floyds collab. Session 3
  6. Bone-A-Fide. 5,5% West Coast Style American Pale Ale. Session 3

Brekeriet [Sweden]

  1. Saison Sauvage.
  2. Smokey Sour.
  3. Cassis. Sour/Wild Ale fermented with blackcurrants and brettanomyces.
  4. Barrique Blond.
  5. Kombucha.
  6. Barrique Brune.
  7. Barrique Rouge.
  8. Hundra.

BrewDog [Scotland]

  1. Dog B. 15,1% Imperial Stout with chili and coffee.
  2. Jack Hammer. 7,2% IPA.
  3. IPA is Dead. Single hop IPA.
  4. Lumberjack Breakfast Stout. 15,2% Imperial Stout brewed with oats, smoked malt, blueberries, maple syrup, coffee and bacon.
  5. Bourbon Baby. 5,8% B.A. Scotch Ale hopped with First Gold, Willamette and Mt Hood.
  6. Clown King. 12% Barley Wine.
  7. Dead Metaphor. 6,4% Stout.
  8. ???. Imperial Black Saison Aged in Red Wine Barrels.

Brodies [UK]

  1. London Sour Blackcurrant. 3.7% Berliner Weisse.
  2. Hoxton Special IPA. 6.6% IPA.
  3. Hackney Red IPA. 6.1% IPA. Amarillo, Columbus and Citra.
  4. Chinook Bacon IPA. 6% IPA. With bacon?
  5. Brodenbach Grand Cru. 5% Hackney Red IPA blended with BA London Sour.
  6. Kentish Town Oud Bruin. 5% Kentish Town Brown IPA blended with BA London Sour.
  7. Mocha Milk Stout. 9% Bourbon B.A. Imperial Stout.
  8. Awesomestow IPA. 7.1% IPA.

Buxton Brewery [UK]

  1. Stronge Extra Stout. 7.4% Stout.
  2. The Sloth. 9.8% Barley Wine.
  3. Red Raspberry Rye. 4.9% Berliner Weisse.
  4. White Wine BA Saison. 7% Saison.
  5. Black and Blue Wolf. 3.6% Berliner Weisse. Wolfscote matured with blackberries and blueberries with Cantillon dregs. CBC special.
  6. Jacob’s Ladder. 2.7% Golden Ale.
  7. Wyoming Sheep Ranch. 8.4% Double IPA.
  8. Wilder Boar. 6% 100% Brett IPA. CBC special.

Cervejaria Way Beer [Brazil]

Cigar City Brewing [US]

  1. Double Barrel Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout. 11% Imp. Stout. 50% aged in Rum barrels, 50% aged in Apple Brandy barrels.
  2. Caribbean Chocolate Cake. 7.4% Stout. A tropical stout with cacao nibs, Cypress wood, and lactose. Siren collab.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project [US]

  1. St. Bretta Dark (Winter?).
  2. Vieille Artisanal.
  3. Colorado Wild Sage.
  4. Surette.
  5. L’Brett d’Peach.
  6. Surusion.
  7. Batch #60.
  8. Vielle Cranberry and Spice.

Cycle Brewing/Peg’s Cantina and Brew Pub [US]

  1. DDT (Double Whiskey Barrel Aged). 10% Imperial/Strong Porter. Collab. with J. Wakefield Brewing. Brewed with dulce de leche (milk caramel or milk candy) and aged in whiskey barrels.

De Molen Brouwerij [Netherlands]

  1. Bommen & Granaten oak aged Bourbon. ca. 15% B.A. Barley Wine.
  2. Hot & Spicey Terrible Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli. Ca. 10,2% Imperial Stout with chili.
  3. Eisbocked Oak Aged Rasputin. Eisbocked and B.A. Imperial Stout.
  4. Hel & Verdoemenis Octomore. Ca. 11% Whisky B.A. Imperial Stout.
  5. Mosaic Pale. Single Hop APA?
  6. Kaapse Karel. 4,5% APA contract brewed for Kaapse Brouwers.
  7. Hel & Verdoemenis Rum barrels. Ca. 11% B.A. Imperial Stout.
  8. Moord & Brand Bordeaux. Ca. 9,8% B.A. Imperial Stout.

Evil Twin Brewing [Denmark/Client Brewer]

  1. Table Beer. 4.5% Sour/Wild Ale made with brett and simcoe. Only keg in Europe. Session 1
  2. The Mini Dingo. 9.5% Imp. Stout. Only keg in Europe. Session 1
  3. Blanca Biere. 4% Berliner Weisse. Blanca Restaurant collab brewed at Westbrook. Europe premiere. Session 2
  4. Ryan & The Gosling. 6,5% Saison with brett. Crooked Stave collab. Only keg in Europe. Session 2
  5. Imperial Doughnut Break Raspberry. Imp. Sweet Stout. Only keg in the world. Session 3
  6. Imperial Doughnut Break Peanut Butter. Imp. Sweet Stout. Only keg in the world. Session 3
  7. Joey Pepper. 7% Belgian Ale. Sante Adairius collab. Only keg in Europe. Session 4
  8. Imperial Doughnut Break Apple Bacon. Imp. Sweet Stout. Only keg in the world. Session 4

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. [US]

  1. Double Jack. 9,5% DIPA.
  2. Union Jack. 7,5% IPA. Parabola. 13% Imperial Stout.
  3. Sucaba. 13,3% Barley Wine.
  4. Velvert Merkin. 8,5% Oatmeal Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels.
  5. Opal. 7,5% Saison.
  6. Agrestic. 6,2% Sour/Wild Ale.
  7. Lil Opal. 5,6%
  8. Wookey Jack. 8,5% Black IPA.

Freigeist Bierkultur [Germany]

  1. Phoebe Caulfield. 8% Imperial Stout. Imperial Stout with high content of rye malt.
  2. Bière de Vie. 8,2% Sour Red/Brown. Dark and strong oak-aged sour ale with salt.
  3. Geisterzug Quinced (Leipziger Gose Quittelsdorf). 5,2% Quince Gose. Gose with spruce branches and quinces.
  4. Geisterzug Rhubarbed. 5,2% Rhubarb Gose. Gose with spruce branches and rhubarb.
  5. Dark Jester. 6% Sour/Wild Ale. Dark sour ale brewed with bay leaves and juniper.
  6. Spontaneous Enough. 5.5% Sour Ale with raspberries and cherries.
  7. The Best Brew Job Ever. 11% Imperial Altbier. Strong alt, pushed with demerara sugar. Nøgne Ø collab.
  8. Olav, the Honeybear. 5% Braggot. Braggot with local honeys. Woodfour collab.

Funky Buddha Brewery [US]

  1. Last Snow. 6,3% Porter. Session 1
  2. Bonita Applebum. 6% Brown Ale. Session 1
  3. Don’t Tell Reece. 9,3% Brown ale. Session 2
  4. Passionfruit Berliner. 5% Berliner Weisse. Session 2
  5. Blueberry Cobbler. 5.6% Unfiltered Wheat beer brewed with 30 pounds of blueberries per barrel plus cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla beans. Session 3
  6. French Toast Double Brown Ale. 8% Brown Ale. Session 3
  7. No Crusts. 6% Brown Ale. Session 4
  8. Nib Smuggler Chocolate Porter. 6.3% Sweet Stout with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans. Session 4

Green Flash Brewing [US]

  1. Silva Stout. 10,1% Imp. Stout aged in oak bourbon barrels for 17 months and then blended with a fresh batch.
  2. Palate Wrecker. 9,5% DIPA. Columbus & Centennial.
  3. Double Stout with Serrano Chilis. 8,8% Imp. Stout with chilis.
  4. Le Freak. 9,2% Abbey Triple/DIPA.
  5. Ristretto Cosmic Black Lager. 8,2% Schwarzbier with espresso.
  6. Candela Rye Barleywine. 10,9% Barley Wine. Cigar City collab.
  7. Super Freak. 10,7%. LeFreak (Belgian-style IIPA) aged in San Pasqual Grenache wine barrels with brettanomyces
  8. Flanders Drive. 6,9% Sour red ale aged in bourbon barrels.

Hoppin’ Frog Brewery [US]

  1. Hop Heathen Imperial Black Ale [?]. 8.8% Black IPA.
  2. Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. 9.4% Imp. Stout.
  3. Cafe Silk Porter [?]. 6.2% Porter.
  4. D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer. 10.5% Imp. Stout.
  5. Goose Juice. 7% IPA.
  6. B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher. 9.4% Oatmeal Imp. Stout.
  7. Karminator. 9.3% Doppelbock.
  8. Cafe BORIS. 9.4% Imp. Coffee Stout.

Jester King Brewery [US]

  1. La Vie en Rose. 6,2 Sour/Wild Ale. Session 1
  2. Boxer’s Revenge Barrel-Aged Wild Ale. 9 Sour/Wild Ale. Session 1
  3. Ambrée. 6,4 Sour/Wild Ale. Session 2
  4. Cerveza de Tempranillo. 9,4 Sour/Wild Ale. Session 2
  5. RU 55. 7,3 Sour Red/Brown. Session 3
  6. Noble King Hoppy Farmhouse Ale (Batch 11+). 5,9 Sour/Wild Ale. Session 3
  7. Ol’ Oi. 6,3 Sour Red/Brown. Session 4
  8. Atrial Rubicite. 5,8 Sour/Wild Ale. Session 4

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. [US]

  1. The Fluffer. 4,7% Session IPA.
  2. DRIPA. 9,5% DIPA.
  3. Aldebaran.. 9,5% Red DIPA.
  4. White Devil. 8% Belgian Strong Ale.
  5. Simcoe Silly. 9% Belgian Strong Ale.
  6. 2013 Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine. 15,1% Barley Wine.
  7. 2012 Dark Heathen Triple Bock. 12,5% Doppelbock.
  8. 2012 Bourbon Barrel Fourth Dementia Olde Ale. 13,5% Old Ale.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri [Norway]

  1. Galaxy IPA. 6.5% 100 IBU single hop IPA.
  2. We Love Wheat [Nøgne Ø collab]. 7.9% Weizen Bock.
  3. Brewers Reserve Barley Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels. 13% Barley Wine aged on Makers Mark barrels?
  4. Art Collection Funky Moi Rye Saison. 6.5% Saison hopped with Saaz, Cascade and Willamette.
  5. Brewers Reserve Rye IPA. 8.5% DIPA with rye and oats. 100+ IBU.
  6. Once you g-o Black.
  7. Rustique. B.A. Farmhouse IPA with brett. Collab with Magic Rock.
  8. Art Collection Skull & Cross Blades Belgian Black Ale. 8% Belgian Strong Ale.

LoverBeer [Italy]

  1. Dama Brun-A  7 Sour Aged Oak Ale
  2. Papessa  7 Russian Imperial Stout
  3. Beerbrugna  6 Sour Aged Fruit Ale
  4. Beerbera  8 Spontaneous Sour Fruit Ale
  5. A Renna Gluh  8 GlühBier
  6. Marche’ ‘L Re  8 Italian Imperial Coffee Spiced Stout
  7. Nebiulin-A  8 Italian Gueze
  8. Madamin  6 Italian Gueze

Magic Rock Brewing [UK]

  1. Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady 2014. 10.5% Imp. Stout.
    Imperial Brown Stout aged 10 months in Buffalo Trace barrels. First pour.
  2. Slapstick Tequila Barrel. 5% Wheat Ale.
    US style Wit, brewed with Curacao Orange, Coriander and Cascade & Amarillo whole flower hops. Aged in Tequila barrel for one month.
  3. UnHuman Cannonball IIIPA 2014. 12% DIPA.
    Annual release IIIPA, extra pale malt, Centennial, Chinook, Amarillo and Simcoe.
  4. Bearded Lady Pedro Ximinez 2013. Imp. Stout.
    Imperial Brown Stout aged 10 months in Pedro Ximinez Sherry Cask. First pour.
  5. Roselare Rosehip Ale. 7% Flemish Red.
    Kettle soured red ale, red wine b.a. 3 months with Brett and Rosehips. First pour.
  6. Circus of Sour (Chardonnay). 3.5% Berliner Weisse.
    Kettle soured German wheat beer, part fermented with Brettanomyces & aged in Chardonnay barrels 6 months. First pour.
  7. Circus of Sour (Lychee White Wine). 3.5% Berliner Weisse.
    Kettle soured German wheat beer, part fermented with Brettanomyces & aged in Chardonnay barrel with 20kg fresh Lychees. First pour.
  8. Punchline Tequila Barrel. 5.4% Porter.
    Chocolate Porter with Morita Chipotles Chillies added in kettle, aged in Tequila barrel for 1 month with more Chipotle Chillies. First pour.

Mikkeller [Denmark/Client Brewer]

  1. Spontantripleblueberry. Lambic Style – Fruit. 1500 grams of blueberries per liter.
  2. Tattoo: Black Ink & Blood [Crooked Moon collab].
  3. BA X Imperial Stout Black Spirit Olorosso Barrel Ed.
  4. George vs. Kolsvart vs. Raspberry Jam.
  5. BA X Imperial Stout Black Spirit Rum Barrel Ed.
  6. Vesterbro Framboise 2014.
  7. BA X Imperial Stout Black Spirit Bourbon Barrel Ed.
  8. Beer Geek Breakfast Pooh Coffee Festival Ed. Imperial Stout.
  9. X Imperial Stout Cake Ed. Imperial Stout.
  10. BA Beer Geek Cookie Shake Bourbon Ed.

Närke Kulturbryggeri [Sweden]

  1. Viking IPA. 7.6% Smoked IPA. Collab with Haandbryggeriet.
  2. Death by Hops. 8.2% DIPA.
  3. Tanngnjost & Tanngrisnir. 7.5% Traditional Ale/Smoked Doppelbock with Juniper, rolled oats and Julita hops.
  4. ! (utropstecken). 8.2% Old Ale/”Imperial Bitter”.
  5. Anders Göranssons Bästa Rököl. 6.1% Smoked Ale with juniper smoked whisky malt and Julita hops.
  6. Högtidsmölska. Nordic Bragott.
  7. Fimbulvinter

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    . 10% Traditional Ale with juniper and honey.

  8. Ragnarök Stormaktsporter. Smoked Imp. Stout?

Off Color Brewing Co. [US]

  1. Troublesome. 4,3% Gose.
  2. Scurry. 5,2% Honey beer with molasses and oats.
  3. Dawdle. 6,5% “malt beverage brewed with Honey & Molasses that is then aged in Bourbon Barrels.”
  4. Apex Predator. 6,5% Saison.
  5. Ice Predator. 10,3% Saison.
  6. DinoS’mores. 10,5% Imperial Marshmallow Stout brewed with graham crackers, cocoa nibs, & vanilla beans.
  7. Tooth & Claw. 5% Amber Ale.
  8. Rats in the Ashes. 6,4% Belgian Strong Ale brewed with oats and candy syrup.

Omnipollo [Sweden/Client Brewer]

  1. Fatamorgana IIPA. 8% Saison-inspired Imperial IPA brewed with oats and wheat. Session 1
  2. Schiuma Party. 6.8% Wine barrel aged spelt saison. Collab with Stillwater Artisanal Ales. Session 1
  3. Hypnopompa (Grönstedts Cognac BA). 11% Imp. Stout. Brewed with marshmallows & Tahitian vanilla beans. Session 2
  4. Nebolution Imperial IPA. 10.5% DIPA. Mash-hopped, first wort hopped, kettle-hopped and dry-hopped, demanding more than 30 pounds of hops per barrel of finished beer. Session 2 
  5. Potlatch farmhouse ale. 7% Saison. Exclusively hopped with Mosaic. Collab with Prairie Artisan Ales. Session 3
  6. Nebuchadnezzar Imperial IPA. 8.5% DIPA. Homebrew recipe scaled up 1:1. Simcoe, Centennial and Columbus. Session 3
  7. Hypnopompa Bourbon BA Imperial Stout. 11% Imp. Stout with marshmallows & Tahitian vanilla beans. Session 4
  8. Astral fresh keg IIPA batch 2 Amarillo/Simcoe. 8% DIPA. Session 4

Prairie Artisan Ales [US]

  1. Prairie Bomb. 13% Imperial Stout aged on coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and chili peppers.
  2. Prairie Ale. 8,2% Saison brewed with pilsner malt, wheat malt, flaked wheat, cane sugar and saaz hops.
  3. Potlatch. 7% Farmhouse ale hopped exclusively with Mosaic and refermented with Brettanomyces.
  4. Bible Belt [Evil Twin collab.]. 13% Imperial Stout based on Evil Twin Brewings Even More Jesus spiced like Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb with coffee, vanilla, chilies and cacao nibs.
  5. Birra. 4,2% Saison.
  6. Spectrum. 7% Saison/farmhouse ale brewed with hibiscus for Ales for Autism.
  7. Double Chocolate Bomb. 13% Imperial Stout.
  8. Prairie Weisse. 4,5% Berliner Weisse.

Siren Craft Brew [UK]

  1. Maiden 2013. 11.1% Blend of Barleywine aged 1 year in Bourbon, Tequila, Maderia, Armagnac and Whiskey and then Blended with fresh Barleywine.
  2. Odyssey 001. 12.5% Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon, Brandy, and Banyuls blended with fresh Liquid Mistress Red IPA.
  3. Golden Barleywine. 11% Hoppy Golden Barleywine aged 1 year in Grand Marnier Barrels with fresh orange zest.
  4. Odyssey 003. 6% Näcken Hopfenweisse aged with Brett and peaches for 2 months and blended with fresh IPA and Barrel-aged Brett pale ale.
  5. Funky Feet. 6% Collab with Stillwater and Legrappin wines. 100% brett barrel fermented Golden ale blended with fresh wine must. 10 months old.
  6. Barrel Aged Broken Dreams Grand Cru. 7.5% Blend of Broken Dreams in Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels barrels. Aged on sour cherries and cocoa nibs.
  7. Gordon’s Strong Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy CBC Blend. 9.5% Blended Wee Heavy from a variety of Different barrels.
  8. CBC Barrel Select. Blend of Select Barrels made for the Copenhagen Beer Celebration.

Stillwater Artisanal Ales [US/Client Brewer]

Surly Brewing Co. [US]

  1. Darkness. 9.6% Imperial Stout. 85 IBU.

The Kernel Brewery [UK]

  1. India Pale Ale, HBC 466. IPA
  2. Pale Ale, Cascade Chinook Citra. 5,3% APA.
  3. India Pale Ale, Citra. 7,2% IPA
  4. Export Stout. Foreign Stout.
  5. London Sour (Blackberry). 2,5% Berliner Weisse.
  6. Biere de Table (Oak Aged Saison). 4,1% BA Saison.
  7. London Sour (Raspberry & Basil). 2,3% (?) Berliner Weisse.
  8. Table Beer. 3% Session IPA.

Three Floyds Brewing Co. [US]

  1. Space Station Middle Finger. 6% APA.
  2. Marshmallow Handjee aka BA Vanilla Bean Dark Lord. 14% Imperial Stout.
  3. Yum Yum. 5,5% APA.
  4. Arctic Panzer Wolf. 9% DIPA.
  5. Dreadnaught. 9,5% DIPA.
  6. Permanent Funeral. 10,5% DIPA.
  7. Topless Wytch. 9% Baltic Porter.
  8. Deesko. 6,5% Berliner Weisse.

To Øl [Denmark/Client Brewer]

  1. 10 Finger Discount. 7.2% IPA. Siren collab.

Westbrook Brewing [US]

  1. Gose. 4% Gose.
  2. Bourbon BA Siberian Black Magic Panther. 12% B.A. Imperial Stout.
  3. Gozu. 4% Gose with Yuzu juice.
  4. Shane’s Big DIPA. 9,6% DIPA.
  5. Rhubarb Remix. 3,5% Berliner Weisse with strawberries and rhubarb.
  6. Mexican Cake. 10,5% Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and fresh habanero peppers.
  7. Mr. Chipper. 6,8% Sour Red Ale aged for 2.5 years in red wine barrels.
  8. Apple Brandy BA Triple. 10% Abbey Triple.

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